What We Do

Initial intake:

Every case is unique and we are here for you!  Whether it is concerns for future reference or an unexpected urgent matter.  Tell us your situation, in person or by phone.  We listen, we learn and we ask pertinent questions to implement a “game plan.”

Personal Evaluation:

At your discretion, we arrange “a face to face” assessment of the prospective resident, giving insight to their specific care needs.    We visit as an advocate and friend, nothing intrusive but necessary to evaluate their cognitive abilities, social characteristics, and physical well being.   Our visits are not limited, we will come to your home, their home, or to someone’s bedside at a hospital or skilled unit.

Research & Recommendations:

Extensive research is done on all facilities that would meet the criteria for the individual in need.  Medically, financially as well as geographically to provide the family with the several “best fit” options to consider, saving valuable time and frustration.   We can schedule and accompany you to tour each unit and explore any financial assistance to offset the cost of care (see Veteran Benefits page)   We will bridge the trust and lend support to ensure you a confident, well-informed decision.

Facilitate the move:

We will complete and deliver all necessary paperwork from our assessment, fax medical forms, arrange transportation if needed and keep the lines of communication open before, during and after ‘the move.”


Are you a Veteran or a Widow of a Veteran?

A veteran can be eligible for an additional $1,788 per month to offset the cost of care. A widowed spouse of’a veteran can receive $1,149

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